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World's Fastest Fighter Aircraft Ever The Legend Mig 25.

Mig 25 Foxbat the fastest fighter aircraft in the world

Mig 25 foxbat
Mig 25 Foxbat Fastest fighter aircraft in world 

Mig 25 is a Interceptor aircraft made in Russia.  Its first flight took off in Russia on 6 March 1964, and was included in the Russian air force in 1970.  This air craft, built by Mikoyan company, was the first supersonic air craft of its kind, 
it has a speed of 3100+ KM (mach 2.83), but its engine is so powerfull that it could hold the speed of Air Craft Mach 3.2 but Mach 3.2  It is very difficult to control this aircraft at the speed of the aircraft, at such a speed the risk of damage to the body parts and engine of the air craft increases greatly, so its official speed Mach 2.8 is considered.
mig 25 foxbat

Due to such a high speed of the Mig 25, it is very difficult for any radar to catch it, and even if it happens by mistake, it is impossible for any other Fighter Jet to compete with it, that's why it is also use for reconnaissance aircraft.

There have been many instances in the history of this air craft when the MIG 25 during cold war raged in the regions of America and returned on base after completing its work, the modern radar of America failed to catch it, America's There was no aircraft that could compete with it.

For many years, America had considered it as an intelligence weapon of Russia. Due to which the atmosphere was created in the whole western world, because of its high speed, it was impossible to see it, and America kept considering it as another intelligence weapon.

Russia made it in large numbers around 1,186.  It was stopped making in 1985, and developed and introduced mig 31 to the world.  It is currently being commissioned by Russia, Kazakhstan, Algerian Air Force and India also used it till 2006.

Mig 25 is fastest fighter aircraft in world of military 
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