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The government said that poverty in China is over, Experts said now and review.

Controversy has arisen in China over whether China has conquered poverty or not.  Last week, there was news from China that poverty in China has been eradicated.  It was then reported that Xi Jinping had set a goal of ending poverty by 2020 after becoming President.  It has been acquired a month ago.  Xi aims to make China a prosperous country in general by 2049, the century of the communist revolution in China.  Victory over poverty was described as the first success in that direction.

 According to the Chinese government's definition, a person living on less than 2,300 Yuwan ($ 350) income in China is considered poor.  Last week, it was announced that the few people who lived below this limit have now been elevated.

 Experts said- Review now
 But now separate reports about it have appeared in newspapers associated with the ruling Communist Party of China.  Citing experts, the Global Times has said that China should undertake a comprehensive review of the success in poverty alleviation.  After this, in 2021, he should finally declare the findings in this regard.  The first news was given by Xinhua by the news agency.  But later she also aired a report, which indicated that she herself was refuting her first news.  The latter report said that the work of eradicating poverty has not been completed yet.

 Experts told Xinhua that a surprise inspection and census would be required in this case, so that it can be confirmed many times that all people are meeting the test of poverty.  Then it is the job of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to declare that the war against poverty has been won.

People moved from villages to cities in four decades

 China has been a country with a very poor and rural economy for a long time.  But there has been rapid urbanization in the last four decades.  At the same time industrial economy has developed.  With this, crores of people have come to the cities and their income has increased.  According to experts, many of those who remained in the villages were living a life of poverty till recently.  That's why Xi Jinping, after becoming president, focused his attention on the rural areas.  In 2014, 832 counties (districts) were identified as poor.  On Monday, the Xinhua Agency reported that nine counties that had survived the poor in 832 counties have also been removed from the list.  According to Xinhua, all these counties were in Guizhou Province.

 In this report, an expert told Xinhua that with this success, victory has finally been achieved in the struggle against extreme poverty for a thousand years.  Government TV channel CGTN also reported prominently on the website that China has eradicated poverty a month before the deadline.  Based on this news, China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that by 2020, the goal of ending poverty has been achieved.  He said that this success achieved through hard work is pleasant.

 This would be considered a big success.  But there was no official celebration on this.  After that different types of reports have appeared in the government media itself.  Most experts believe that the government will announce the goal of eradicating poverty in 2020.  It would be his great success to do so amid the shock from the Corona epidemic.  Experts from all over the world have already praised China's success in bringing crores of people above the poverty line, although the methods adopted for this have been criticized.  One criticism is that China has set the poverty line very low.  But China says that outsiders decide these definitions according to the purchasing power of the dollar in the US, while it has set its definition based on purchasing power parity.
The government said that poverty in China is over, Experts said now and review. The government said that poverty in China is over, Experts said now and review. Reviewed by Vice Hindi on November 30, 2020 Rating: 5

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